Sesame Soy Chicken, Slaw and Noodles
Sesame and soy marinated Chicken breast, with herb slaw and noodles. Drizzled with dumpling sauce (soy, black vinegar, chilli oil) (Cal:387, Pro:50, Fat:5, Carb:33)
Greek Steak and Salad
Garlic and herb grilled skirt steak, homemade hummus, fresh greek salad; cherry tomato, cucumber, red onion, olives, peppers, lemon yoghurt dressing (Cal:466, Carb:19, Fat:25, Pro:40)


Sesame Soy Chicken bag
Sesame and soy marinated Chicken breast (Cal: 283, Carb: 10, Fat: 5, Pro: 50)
Marinated Grilled Beef Bag
Marinated grilled beef bag (Cal: 250, Carb: 6, Fat: 12, Pro: 40) (GF, DF)
Baggie Pack
2 beef baggies and 2 chicken baggies!

Meal Packs

4 Meal Pack
Two of both the meat protein meals for this week. 4 meals total. 10% savings!