Grilled Beef, Hash, Tomato Chimmi
Grilled beef,  slow roasted tomato chimmichurri, roasted kumara and onion hash. (Cal: 440, Carb: 40, Fat: 16, Pro: 33) (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)
Tomato, olive and capsicum pepperonata
Rich tomato sauce, cooked with capsicums and kalamata olives. Served with whole wheat pasta. (Cal: 338, Carb: 62, Fat: 6, Pro: 10) (Dairy Free)
Chicken Laksa with Egg Noodles
Chicken Laksa, with steamed veges, straight from the markets, and egg noodles. The perfect balance of salty, sour, sweet, and spicy.  (Cal: 425, Carb: 45, Fat: 12, Pro: 38)


Seasoned grilled beef
Perfectly seasoned grilled beef Cal:240, Carb:3, Fat: 8, Pro: 40
Laksa Marinated Chicken
Chicken Breast marinated with.... secret ingredients (Cal: 283, Carb: 8, Fat: 12, Pro: 46)
Baggie Pack
2 beef baggies and 2 chicken baggies!

Meal Packs

4 Meal Pack
Two of both the meat protein meals for this week. 4 meals total. 10% savings!